Bachelor of Pharmacy

The pharmacy program is designed to produce skilled and efficient professionals to manage pharmaceutical industries, hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy services and other government body related to health services and research organizations. Students following successful completion of this program will be able to pursue higher studies and work at home and abroad.

The core courses of the curriculum comprise the following areas:

1. Pharmaceutical Technology & Pharmaceutics: It includes Introduction to Pharmacy, Physical Pharmacy (Physical Chemistry), Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutics, Industrial Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

2.Pharmaceutical Microbiology: GMP, Microbial contamination of factory, and product, sterilization, synthesis and assessment of antibiotic.

3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry: It includes Inorganic Pharmacy, Organic Pharmacy, and Medicinal Chemistry, Analysis and Quality control.

4. Pharmacology: It includes General Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Interaction and Toxicology.

5.Pharmacognosy: It deals with various aspects of Natural crude Drugs and other economic Product of Pharmaceutical interest of plant origin.

6.Physiology, Anatomy and Pathology: These course are included to form the basis of the Pharmacology course given in the advanced years of the study.

7.Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: It is imcorporated for better understanding of the advanced Pharmacology course.

8.Bio-statistics and Computer Science: It is required for Pharmaceutical and statistical analysis and Interpretation of Biological studies and experimental results.

9.Pharmaceutical Marketing and Managements: The courses of this category are needed for the development of skill to face the tough challenge of marketing and management of Pharmaceutical products.

10.Pharmacy Law and Ethics: These courses are incorporated to impart the knowledge required for handling the matters within the requirement of govt. legistation and professional ethics.

11.Hospital Pharmacy: It includes Hospital Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy and related subjects.

12. Besides these, English as language course is to be offered to impart the additional knowledge which are believed to be helpful in the practical life of a student.

N.B.: The course curriculum for B. Pharm program may be revised at any time to meet the global demand. The revised curriculum will be submitted to the competent authority, if required as per Private University Act.

Eligibility for Admission: The minimum qualifications for admission into the undergraduate program are:

Academic Qualifications:

A student must have GPA 3.00 (in a scale of 5) individually (without 4th subject) both in SSC & HSC. The total GPA SSC & HSC  should be 6.50 (in a scale of 10). A student must pass HSC/Equivalent examination with a minimum GPA 3.00 in Chemistry, Physics, Biology separately & minimum GPA 2.00 in Mathematics. 
However, candidates having no Mathematics at the HSC/A level or equivalent may be admitted. But they need to take an extra 3 (three) credits course on Mathematics relevant to B. Pharm curriculum.
Minimum 1 (One) year gap can be considered for getting admitted.


Admission and Duration of a Semester
There are two semesters in every year . Admission for 1st year, 1st semester is open in every semester. Notice for admission in B. Pharm will be published in different national dailies. The Pharmacy program consists of 8 (eight) semesters for B. Pharm spreading over four academic years. Duration of each semester is 20 working weeks, which may be divided into classes, preparatory leave and semester final examinations as follows:

Working weeks  
i Classes both theoretical and sessional 18 weeks
ii.Semester final examination  2 weeks
Total = 20 weeks

Apart from the 20 working weeks, the university remains open for clearance/ improvement/ carryover examinations, finalization of results, and admission of students.

Degree Requirements

Total course requirements for degree programare as follows:

Total 74 courses (165 credits)

Course Listings

GED core

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PHR 111 English  Language 3.00

Major Core Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PHR 111 English  Language 3.00
PHR 112 Inorganic Pharmacy- I 3.00
PHR 113 Organic Pharmacy 3.00
PHR 114 Physical Pharmacy- I 3.00
PHR 115 Pharmacognosy- I 3.00
PHR 116 Inorganic Pharmacy Sessional 1.50
PHR 117 Organic Pharmacy Sessional 1.50
PHR 118 Physical Pharmacy- I Sessional 1.00
PHR 119 Pharmacognosy- I Sessional 1.00
PHR 120 Oral Examination 1.00
PHR 121 Inorganic Pharmacy- II 3.00
PHR 122 Physical Pharmacy- II 3.00
PHR 123 Physiology and Anatomy- I 3.00
PHR 124 Pharmaceutical Microbiology 3.00
PHR 125 Bio-statistics and Computer Science 3.00
PHR 126 Physical Pharmacy- II Sessional 1.00
PHR 127 Physiology and Anatomy- I Sessional  1.50
PHR 128 Pharmaceutical Microbiology Sessional 1.50
PHR 129 Oral Examination 1.00
PHR 211 Pharmaceutical Analysis- I 3.00
PHR 212 Bio-molecular Pharmacy 3.00
PHR 213 Pharmacognosy- II 3.00
PHR 214 Physiology and Anatomy- II 3.00
PHR 215 Dosage Form Design 3.00
PHR 216 Pharmaceutical Analysis- I Sessional 1.50
PHR 217 Pharmacognosy II Sessional 1.50
PHR 218 Physiology and Anatomy-II  Sessional 1.50
PHR 219 Oral Examination 1.00
PHR 221 Pharmaceutical Analysis- II 3.00
PHR 222 Medicinal Chemistry- I 3.00
PHR 223 Basic Pharmaceutics 3.00
PHR 224 Pharmacology- I 3.00
PHR 225 Pathology 3.00
PHR 226 Pharmaceutical Analysis-II Sessional 1.50
PHR 227 Medicinal Chemistry- I Sessional 1.50
PHR 228 Pharmacology- I Sessional 1.50
PHR 229 Oral Examination 1.00
PHR 311 Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis- I 3.00
PHR 312 Medicinal Chemistry- II 3.00
PHR 313 Pharmacology-II 3.00
PHR 314 Pharmaceutical Technology- I 3.00
PHR 315 Pharmaceutical Engineering 3.00
PHR 316 Medicinal Chemistry- II Sessional 1.50
PHR 317 Pharmacology- II Sessional 1.50
PHR 318 Pharmaceutical Technology- I Sessional 1.50
PHR 319 Oral Examination 1.00
PHR 321 Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis – II 3.00
PHR 322 Pharmacology-III 3.00
PHR 323 Pharmaceutical Technology- II 3.00
PHR 324 Bio-pharmaceutics- I 3.00
PHR 325 Quality Assurance & Validation 3.00
PHR 326 Pharmacology- III Sessional 1.50
PHR 327 Pharmaceutical Technology- I Sessional 1.50
PHR 328 Bio-pharmaceutics- I Sessional 1.50
PHR 329 Oral Examination 1.00
PHR 411 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry 3.00
PHR 412 Bio-pharmaceutics- II 3.00
PHR 413 Regulatory Affairs 3.00
PHR 414 Pharmaceutical Technology- III 3.00
PHR 415 Pharmaceutical Marketing and Product Management 3.00
PHR 416 Project Work 2.00
PHR 417 Bio-pharmaceutics- II Sessional 1.50
PHR 418 Pharmaceutical Technology- III Sessional 1.50
PHR 419 Oral Examination 1.00
PHR 421 Hospital, Clinical & Community Pharmacy 3.00
PHR 422 Cosmetology 3.00
PHR 423 Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 3.00
PHR 424 Applied Micribiology 3.00
PHR 425 Entrepreneurship Development in Pharmaceutical Industry 3.00
PHR 426 Cosmetology Sessional 1.50
PHR 427 Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Sessional 1.50
PHR 428 In-plant Training 2.00
PHR 429 Oral Examination 1.00