B.A (Hons.) in English

The program offers students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of English writing from different historical periods and regions. Courses focus on close reading of texts, authors and literary genres. Students are encouraged to explore the relationship of literary works to their historical contexts and to other disciplines. They are also given a fair amount of grounding in critical theory, cultural traditions and the history of ideas. Together with providing historical and critical perspectives from which to read and analyze canonical and non-canonical texts, the courses deepen students' insight into their own experience. Courses also aim to develop students' abilities to express their ideas orally and in writing.

Program Objectives

A. General objectives of the Department of English:
  • To teach students standard English.
  • To teach students to read more analytically.
  • To teach students to think more critically and logically.
  • To teach students to write more effectively.
  • To teach students basic research techniques.
  • To teach students basic speechmaking techniques.
  • To introduce students to the major literary movements and periods, films, genres, authors and representative works and critical theories.
  • To develop in students an aesthetic appreciation for literature and its contribution to the humanizing process of civilization.
  • To provide students with the tools for literacy criticism, analysis and evolution.
  • To teach students the basics of reading, speaking, writing and understanding a foreign language.
  • To facilitate an understanding of other countries and cultures.
  • To prepare students for graduate and professional study.
  • To encourage students to participate in departmental forums and in other literary and cultural activities.
  • To encourage students to work on student publications.
  • To develop in students a humanities-centered, interdisciplinary understanding of and appreciation for the diverse and unifying forces shaping Bangladeshi and English culture from its colonial beginning to the present.

  • B. Specific Objectives 
    Major in English Literature
    Students who complete a major in English literature will be able to do the following:
  • Use language effectively in oral and written communication;
  • Write essays, research papers, thesis, etc., which meets approved standards;
  • Trace the origins and development of the English language;
  • Conduct research in accordance with prescribe guidelines;
  • Document papers in accordance with MLA(Modern Language Association) guidelines;
  • Describe the characteristics of major literary movements in Bangladesh, India, America, Britain, and World Literature;
  • Identify major writers, their works and their contributions to their respective literary periods;
  • Analyze and evaluate literary works on the basis of critical standard;
  • Identify the benefits of literary training; and
  • Score at or above the cut-off level on the Departmental Exit Exam.

  • C. Major in English Education
    In addition to meeting all objectives listed for English majors, English Education majors will also be required to demonstrate the following:
  • Knowledge and application of planning, student motivation and the principals of measurement and evaluation;
  • Confidence in the knowledge and use of a variety of instructional method, techniques and strategies for the enhancement of student learning;
  • Knowledge, skills and application of effective classroom management;
  • Knowledge and application of effective teacher characteristics and behaviors;
  • Knowledge and application of effective teaching and learning styles;
  • Ability to communicate effectively with pupils, peers, parents and school personnel; and
  • A high standard of professional’s ethics, integrity and personal character.

  • D. Major in Linguistics
    Students who complete a major in linguistics will be able to do the following:
  • Use language effectively in oral and written communication;
  • Trace the origins and development of the English language & linguistics;
  • Conduct research in accordance with prescribe guidelines;
  • Identify major aspects of English language and linguistics;
  • Analyze and evaluate language on the basis of critical standard;
  • Identify the benefits of English language and linguistics;

  • Eligibility for Admission:
    Minimum GPA 2.5 in both S.S.C and H.S.C or equivalent

    Degree Requirements
    The Bachelor of Arts in English program consist of

    Orientation Course Non-credit
    General Education 05 courses (15credits)
    English Foundation & Professional Courses 07courses (21 credits)
    Free Electives 08 courses(24 credits)
    English Courses 15 courses(45 credits)
    Specialization/ Major 04 courses (12 credits)
    Thesis 01 course  (06 credits)
     Total 40 courses (123 credits)

    Course Listings
    A. Orientation Course(Allare combined courses and will be treated as a single course)
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    ORE 111 Freshmen Orientation 0.00
    ORE 435 Professional Orientation 0.00

    B. General Education (3 courses/ 9 credits)
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    CIS 112 Computer Fundamentals 3.00
    HIS 113 History of Western Thought 3.00
    BAG 114 Origin of Bengali culture and History 3.00

    C. English Foundation and Professional Courses (7 courses/ 21 credits)
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    ENG 121 Public Speaking 3.00
    ENG 122 Composition 3.00
    ENG 123 Advanced Reading Strategies and Writing 3.00
    ENG 131 English For professional Purposes/Business English 3.00
    ENG 132 Technical Writing 3.00
    ENG 133 Newspaper Editing/Practicum 3.00
    ENG 211 Advanced Conversation 3.00

    D. English Courses (15 courses/ 45 credits)
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    ENG 212 History of English Literature-1 3.00
    ENG 221 History of English Literature -2 3.00
    ENG 213 Introduction to Literary genres and   terms 3.00
    ENG 222 Romantic Literature -1 3.00
    ENG 223 Elizabethan Drama 3.00
    ENG 231 Elizabethan and Seventeenth Century Poetry 3.00
    ENG 232 Seventeenth Century Prose and Drama 3.00
    ENG 233 18th Century English Literature 3.00
    ENG 234 19th Century Literature-1 3.00
    ENG 311 19th Century Literature-2 3.00
    ENG 312 20th Century English Literature-1 3.00
    ENG 313 American Literature-1 3.00
    ENG 117 Literary Theory-1 3.00
    ENG 321 Classics in Translation-1 3.00
    ENG 322 Introduction to Linguistics 3.00

    A. General Education
    Maximum 2 courses can be chosen from the followings:
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    BAG 124 Introduction to Bengali literature 3.00
    HIS 125 History of Eastern Thoughts and Religion 3.00
    HIS 134 General History & Western History   Highlights 3.00
    IRE 135 International Relations 3.00

    B.Free Elective Courses (8 courses/ 24 credits)
    Maximum 4 courses can be chosen from one group out of following groups
    English Literature
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    ENGL 323 Elizabethan and Restoration Drama 3.00
    ENGL 324 Romantic Literature-2 3.00
    ENGL 325 19th Century Literature-3 3.00
    ENGL 326 20th Century Poetry 3.00

    English Language Teaching
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    ELT 411 History of English Language Teaching 3.00
    ELT 412 Teaching English as a Second Language 3.00
    ELT 413 Teaching Language through Literature 3.00
    ELT 421 Teaching Grammar and Composition 3.00
    ELT 422 Teaching Comprehension and Reading 3.00
    ELT 423 Teaching Young Learners 3.00
    ELT 431 Teaching Practicum 3.00

    Business Studies
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    FIN 328 Principles of Business Finance 3.00
    FIN 329 Managerial Finance 3.00
    MKT 411 Principles of Marketing 3.00
    MKT 412 Marketing Management 3.00
    MGT 413 Fundamentals of Management 3.00
    MGT 414 Management of Public Enterprises 3.00
    HRM 415 Manpower Planning and Personnel Policy 3.00
    HRM 416 Organization and Conflict Management 3.00

    Computer Information Systems (CIS)
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    CIS 417 Office Automation 3.00
    CIS 418 Visual Basic Programming 3.00
    CIS 419 Database Management System 3.00
    CIS 421 Information System Analysis and Design 3.00
    CIS 422 Interactive Multimedia Design and Develop 3.00
    CIS 423 Electronic Commerce 3.00

    Environment (ENV) and Urban Planning (URP)
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    ENV 424 Introduction to Environmental Science 3.00
    ENV 425 Environment & Society: Bangladesh and Global Perspective 3.00
    ENV 426 Environmental Economics and Population Dynamics 3.00
    ENV 427 Environmental Laws, Protocols and Ethics 3.00
    URP 421 Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning 3.00
    URP 422 Urban Planning 3.00
    URP 423 Landscape Planning & Design 3.00
    URP 424 Land Use Planning and Management 3.00

    C. Specialization/Major (4 courses/ 12 credits)
    A student will have to choose 4 courses from one of the following specialization areas:
    English Literature
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    ENG 425 Literary Theory-2 3.00
    ENG 426 Classics in Translation-2 3.00
    ENG 427 20th Century English Literature-2 3.00
    ENG 428 Introduction to Old and Middle English Literature 3.00

    English Education
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    EDU 421 Introduction to Educations 3.00
    EDU 422 History, Principles and Philosophy of Education 3.00
    EDU 423 Methods and Materials of Teaching English 3.00
    EDU 424 Human Growth and Development 3.00
    EDU 425 Classroom Management 3.00
    EDU 426 Educational Psychology 3.00
    EDU 427 Student Teaching 3.00

    English Linguistics
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    ENG 431 Structure of English 3.00
    ENG 432 Introduction to Phonetics and phonology 3.00
    ENG 433 Introduction to Sociolinguistics and Psycholinguistics Aspect of Language 3.00
    ENG 434 Second Language Acquisition (SLA) 3.00
    Thesis     6.00