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17 Jan 2019

Academics Information and Policies

Right to Change Rules
The University authority reserves the right to change rules, fees etc. Such changes will come into force as determined by the authority.

Code of Conduct
Students must abide by the rules of the university. Violations of university rules will be considered as major and minor offences. A minor offence results to a reminder. A major offence results to a suspension or a dismissal or an expulsion order.

Major Offences
1. Possession or use of intoxicated drinks or regulated drugs inside campus
2. Possession or use of marijuana in any form.
3. Disregard of authority, disrespect, discourtesy or disobedience to any official of the university, administration or their representative.
4. Physical assault on any person.
5. Any activity that can agitate peace and order in the classroom or in the campus.
6. Threat
7. Possession or distribution of pornographic magazines, picture, films, cartridges, cards, key chains and the likes.
8. Using indecent language and committing vulgar and obscene ads.
9. Immorality.
10. Vandalism or destruction of university property belonging to any member of the university.
11. Gambling or playing cards inside the campus of the university.
12. Forgery and falsification and attempt thereof.
13. Cheating, lying and giving false statement
14. Misrepresentation.
15. Dishonesty.
16. Planning organized activities inimical to the interest of the university.
17. Possession and distribution of unauthorized printed materials inimically to the public interests.
18. Having been convicted of a criminal offense before the court of law.
19. Membership in subversive organizations.
20. Any act punishable under existing law of the state inside or outside of the campus.

Minor Offences
1. Behaving unbecoming a student
2. Infraction of the university procedures and policies on admission and registration.
3. Destroying, altering or tampering of board notices, posters, announcements.
4. Improper use of libraries, laboratory equipments, and other university facilities.
5. Using someone else’s ID card, tampering ID card.
6. Any activity that causes panic and confusion in the classroom or in the campus.
7. Spitting on the floors, corridors, stairways.

Responsibility of the students
Students are individually responsible to know and comply with the information contained in the RPSU Catalog. Failure to know and comply with the university rules will not exempt students from penalties they may incur due to offences done by them.

Disciplinary Committee
Any person of the university may invoke the Disciplinary Committee in the office of the Pro Vice Chancellor by a written of an offence or grievance. The Disciplinary Committee acts independently to prove facts. According to the findings of the Disciplinary Committee, existing RPSU rules and policies will be enforced. Medium of Instruction

Medium of Instruction will be English. As many students are expected to come from Bangla medium the University plans to offer courses to increase their proficiency in English. Such students will require to take English Placement Tests which will determine the number of courses required.

Academic Probation
If CGPA of a student falls below 2 he/she will be placed on Academic Probation. He/she will remain under the warning if he/she cannot come out of the probation status within one semester. If a student on probation fails to raise CGPA to 2.00 in 3 consecutive semesters, he/she will be dismissed from the University. Students having grade point average less than 1.00 in their first semester may be asked to withdraw from the University.